The four oldest races of Alaria are known collectively as the Eldari; these include the dwarves, elves, giants, and humans. The younger races are considered to be off-shoots of these original four, and include gnomes, raptorans, goliaths, neanderthals, halflings, and aventi.

The elves reside in Yendys, which comprises the westernmost quarter of the Alarian continent. They are a somewhat aloof and quiet people, and generally do not venture outside their own country without good reason. The notable exception to this is seen in those elves who have chosen to move eastward into the Freeholds: most elves there are somewhat more open and approachable than their homeland kin. Elves are known for their love of nature and the night sky. Elves also are known to value the practice of arcane magic.

humans inhabit the highlands and the rest of eastern Alaria, as well as Korapan. They are certainly the most numerous race in Edros. Their lands have always been less united than those of the other Eldari, and the highlands have been divided into multiple realms at least since the Age of Heroes.

Humans also occupy the Freeholds along with some elves, and many half-elves live there too. Most humans who live in the Freeholds moved there in a spirit of exploration and a desire to be self-sufficient, free of the restrictions of the highland states – or are descended from forebearers who did so. A streak of independence and self-reliance runs strong in the Freehold communities. There is no unifying government there; rather, each town is self-governing, and settlers in rural areas are ordinarily completely on their own. Some say this is due to the Freeholders’ independent streak, while others argue that it is a carryover from the elven form of government practiced in Yendys.

dwarves live in — or rather, under — the Buckle Mountains. They do maintain surface trading stations, and the Seven Citadels of the dwarves rise up from the mountainsides of the Buckles in their respective locations; but dwarven cities, mines, and dwellings are all located deep beneath the mountains. Dwarves are hearty and brave, but cautious toward other races (except perhaps gnomes) and protective of their society almost to the point of being secretive. But they also have always been willing to discuss economic trade with most anyone.

gnomes and halflings have no specific homeland. Gnomes are found all across Alaria, from Yendys to Seldar. Halflings are more likely to be found in the Freeholds, though they are found in the highland realms reasonably often. Halflings are less common in Yendys or in the eastern kingdoms of Seldar and Safdar — though they are welcome in all three. They may live in cities, towns, or villages, but they also love to wander in nomadic caravans, moving across the land as whim and the seasons dictate.

goliaths originally inhabited the Spearhead Mountains, but after the Kinslaying and their zealous retribution against the neanderthals, they have migrated into the former giant territory in the Buckles as well. Goliaths are generally good-natured, but their hatred for neanderthals has become a veritable blood-lust; a neanderthal sighting will move any goliath into a murderous effort to pursue and eliminate the spotted targets.

The raptorans are a relatively small population, living in cliff- and mountainside caves of northern Yendys and the southern end of the Kataban range where the peaks actually rise out of the western end of the Sundering Sea. They are historically strong allies with their elven cousins.

aventi likewise are not great in number. They populate the central portion of Carth’s southern coast, where they trade Carthan goods to Alarian merchants and traders.

There are also savage races in Alaria — orcs are known to inhabit the hill country around the Buckles, and gnolls have been encountered in the southeastern grasslands. Since the Kinslaying neanderthals have come to be viewed increasingly as a savage race. There are few neanderthals surviving; they are believed to dwell in the Frostfell, the east-west valley that runs nearly the entire length of southern Alaria.

What races might inhabit Carth is not well known, except for the raptorans, aventi, and humans in its southernmost latitudes. Whether there are any savage races in Carth is also unknown.


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